A Conversation With a Classmate #1

For my first conversation with one of the many new classmates in Art 110, I only had to look directly to my left to find an interesting conversation. We introduced each other. “Hello Christian, I’m Jacob”. (He was Christian, I was Jacob). We started simple, exchanged majors, which stemmed our first topic: film. His favorite films. in no particular order, are Chungking Express (a film distributed in the U.S. by Quentin Tarantino that I have yet to get my hands on), Blade Runner, and Brazil.  From this point on, I knew he had good taste (at least in movies that is). I soon realized we had more common interests in the vast array of musical genres we both enjoy. Christian did say he leaned in a more hip-hop direction when it came to music, but remembers a summer where he obsessed over the genre of trip-hop (hip-hop’s more experimental cousin). He said of all of 2016’s new albums Frank Ocean’s much anticipated Blonde was his favorite. When brining up Frank Ocean, we realized that we had something else in common, our attendance at both last years and the year before’s FYF Fest, and also our desire to keep going annually to Exposition Park’s premiere music festival. I enjoyed my conversation and I can only hope I will connect as instantly with my next classmate as I did with Christian.

(I take weird selfies)

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