Beach Casting

Plastering it up at the beach was a rather fun experience. My parents were in town so I came with them, bucket in hand. I patrolled the beach in search of Coach Glenn, but soon realized the time sent on the email was from 9am to 12pm, not 12pm to 9pm as I wrongly thought.

I instead went about doing it alone. I was already getting strange looks from the other beach-goers carrying an industrial sized bucket in black jeans and a v-neck, but stranger looks came more so when I started the plaster project.

I started with only one whole (my right hand), but decided that I might as well do more due to the fact that I had excess of the plaster/water solution. I continued to do my other hand, and two footprints.

I waited as the plaster dried and then I slowly started the excavation. All came up solid. All encrusted in sand. My original left hand came up heavy and took the longest. They all looked rather deformed (one looking more like a flipper than a hand). I cleaned up and left.

I remembering doing projects similar to this in a forensics course I took a while ago (especially when it came to plastering the feet imprints). I did these not so according to the set plans, but these impressions still came out rather well.

My prize

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