Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Jennifer Ostroff

I stumbled upon another film major. It was the basic question that started off most conversations as college students. “What’s your major?”

Well she wasn’t exactly a film major, being that she has yet to declare after applying as an English major because film was not an option (a problem I also faced when applying).

I recalled from last week that she was from Pennsylvania, and I learned that it was Gettysburg to be exact. I recalled to her a short trip in which I spent a few days in Philadelphia, a city she described as a “nice piece of jewelry that fell into the sewer”. I disagreed but I really did not have to much information to base this claim off of, being that I was only there for a short time and had only done the touristy stuff.

She hates her hometown in much the same sense that I hate mine. They are both small, rural and boring. But at least we have both escaped our hometown roots. lancaster-pa

(p.s. This image is only here because I find it funny that I am from Lancaster CA, and there just so happens to be a more famous Lancaster, PA)


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