Wk2 -Experience – Landscape With a Corpse

I was intrigued by this concept the moment I read into what we were doing this week. Death and mortality are subjects I dwell upon often. It is important that we normalize death because it is the only shared human experience.

I first started by mixing my own blood (fake blood to be more specific). It was simple but I managed to make it too watery (a problem I had last week). This all worked out though because I did not need it thick for the crime scene I was about to make.

I solicited the help of a few dorm-mates and got to work.

I made it look like I was run over while riding my bike, a fear that is ever present in my life. Such a death could occur almost day of my life.

I could be riding to class and never quite make it there. But I still bike. I do not let this fear of death dominate my reality.



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