Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Betty

Another strange selfie

I started my conversation with Betty while in the student art galleries. We had just branched off from the crowd surrounding Megan Macuen and decided to reinspect her work in lieu of some of the things she had said.

I noticed her variety of nerd centered pins and buttons adorning her backpack strap, and said I was a fan of pins as well, while uncovering the crude Radiohead button I was wearing on my lapel.

She noticed the Wonder Woman keychain dangling from my camera case and  said she owned the same one. I was surprised, I had bought it in a blind box and was very happy myself in discovering that it was in fact the Amazonian queen. She was surprised I didn’t feel around the packaging to try and figure it out  beforehand, which is something I do rather often. I had to wonder why I hadn’t done this with this particular one.

“It must have been because it was in a box not a bag” I said. She said she hated the ones in boxes, because it really is a mystery until you open them.

We shared our future aspirations. “Where will you be in 5 years?” She said her dreams were not as lofty as mine. In five years she wants to at least be stable. This, though not as idealistic as the dreams I shared, is something I also wish. We all need some sense of stability.

This is her last semester here. She will soon be out in the “real world” with a degree in psychology. She doesn’t quite what she wants to do, after.She should have been a sociology major, she confesses. Everyone says psych majors should automatically me therapists. She at leasts knows she that wants to work with kids.

It’s depressing sometimes, thinking about the future.


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