WK4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


  1. 3 hand drawn index cards, with personal stories on back
  2. 1 kitsch postcard that I had a duplicate of
  3. 3 receipts with creases emphasized with pen
  4. a cutout of a dachshund from a magazine
  5. 1 sticky note with note meant to be for loud neighbors
  6. 3 bits of my destroyed debit card

I will be sending this envelope to my parents. I do feel it encapsulates my current state of mind. I wrote about anecdotal instances that I have yet to tell my parents on the back of personally drawn index cards. I recall a story of a dead rat and my infatuation with the music of Neutral Milk Hotel.

My parents are also concerned with many fiscal issues so I included some receipts they have told me to keep, and also the remnants of a fraud-ridden debit card.

It is rather personal and interesting to compile such a list of things that are rather personal but also not so valuable. Things I have held on to for some reason. Things that I may have thrown in the trash.

I have yet to tell my parents that I am sending them this. It will be an interesting surprise. Now I just need to buy a stamp.





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