Wk5 – EC -LA Art Book Fair


I met Miranda July!!!!!

I am so glad that you brought the La Art Book Fair to my attention. I think I may have heard about it through some other way, but having you mention it made it ever so pertinent. And what finally sealed the deal (making it so I had to go) was the mentioning of it by Miranda July on her many social media outlets saying that she was going to be there.

This is where it became rather intriguing. The sheer possibility of meeting the creative force behind a recent favorite movie of mine, Me and You and Everyone we Know was enough incentive to go. So I went!

I enjoy conventions (expos) such as this and have gone to many in the past (but most were comic book driven not zine). Looking at all the things I want but cant afford is always a pleasure of mine.

I took the train from Long Beach and enjoyed a lovely walk past city hall (which I had been to only a couple days prior for the “not our president’s day” rally). It wasn’t hard to find the place, I had been there before for Doug Aitken’s exhibit.

I do not know why, but I always seem to be around the most beautiful people whenever I go to such events in Los Angeles.

I wondered around until I decided to find some standing room so I’d be front and center for Miranda July’s performance.

She had created a poster with the simple instructions to be “ripped in violent disgust, then carefully hung, piece by piece, with cool relentless determination”.

She gathered anger, ripped it to shreds, and did just that.

I talked with her after and professed my love for both her and her husbands works and also awkwardly asked for a picture.  It was a day well spent.

I only bought one zine ( a collection of poems/writings of the late John Berger) and a pin that simply said “strange”.

I will definitely be there next year!



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