Wk8 – Classmate Conversation –Courtney Clyde

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I had a wonderful conversation with Courtney today.

We started with the exchanging of names and majors. At first I was unsure if I had anything in common with a kinesthesiology major, but I later found out  I had much more in common with her than I ever expected.

Courtney has one of the coolest jobs, that I did not quite think was a job one could have. Besides working at the Rec center (a job she had to rush to after class) she is also one of the school’s photographers. Her work can even be seen on the sides of the shuttles that I, among other students, take to get to class.

This all started as a hobby that somehow morphed into this job. She would go to sporting events and just photograph her friends, and it turned out that her photos were better than the professionals that were hired to do the same job.

There’s also this idealogical split between her and her parents, who originally protested her buying a camera, which they did not find a practical investment, and would rather see her spend money to further her education.

It was seen as unpractical but has become practical for Courtney. If not for this purchase, her photos wouldn’t be on the sides of anything.

I personally don’t agree with her parents. You get a different kind of education with a camera.

I’m glad Courtney didn’t heed her parents warning and went on to buy that camera. We always need more artists in this world.


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