Wk10 – Art Experience – Architecture: The Wedge

I have encountered this questionable architectural feat day in and day out. The choice, or maybe the mistake, makes this part of the USU seem rather absurd. But yet for some reason, this small crevice has a strange charm.

I propose that we do not change anything but rather embrace its absurdity.

I would like to instead place a sign, making this architectural mishap seem like something done on purpose (because we all know our tuition money isn’t going to such silly things as fixing architectural annoyances).

This sign would read “The world doesn’t make sense, why should our architecture?” (Here I photoshopped a picture of how this sign may possibly look)

Here’s a before and after. We can even do it for both sides.


This same solution could be used for the other crevice as well.

It is inexpensive, creative, and lets our students know our existential stance on life. Camus and Vonnegut would be proud that we have solved one of CSULB’s glaring problems in such an absurd way.


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