Wk11 – Classmate Conversation – Jared and Gabriella


This week I talked with two people. Jared and Gabriella.

Both were rather fun to talk to. I discussed phallic imagery while we sketched, my ideas were probably too much for light conversation, but yet I brought up this idea because the sculpture we were drawing looked to me rather phallic. In contrast to my ideas, the same sculpture was described by Gabriella as vulvlic or vaginal. I didn’t see it, but then again I’m not female.

We went on to talk about more appropriate small talk. I was told some insider information about the campus that I might just use. The best bathrooms, according to Jared and Gabriella, are those either in the engineering building or the basement of the Poly Sci building. This information is pointless now because all my classes are on upper campus, something that surprised both of my classmates, but I will definitely take this into consideration for next semester when I have more classes in that area.

Some quick things I learned about Jared:

  1. He knows someone from College Beat (the company I intern for) that I don’t know
  2. He has a girlfriend (something that weirdly came up)
  3. Likes to go to the beach (Seal Beach is his fav)
  4. Likes to skin board/surf

Some quick things I learned about Gabriella:

  1. Likes her dog (a German Shepherd rescue named Rocky)
  2. Likes to bake/cook
  3. Her favorite food to make is pub burgers





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