Wk12 – Art Experience – Pre-Electric

My resting place

For this week’s art experience I had to get creative. Living in a dorm is already hell enough with electricity, it would be unbearable without.

But luckily enough I found a solution to actually doing this art experience.

It was last night, Saturday night, that I had come home completely drained.

I had been completely busy hiking and filming the previous day. I had not gotten too much sleep the night before. And I had been walking all day that day. (trust me all of these things were worth the physical strains)

I decided from 7pm onwards I would do without electricity and just lay down, close my eyes, and enjoy the serenity of my surroundings.

I slowly drifted into a much needed sleep. My exhaustion won over.

I am writing this now at 10am on a Sunday. With the whole no electricty thing I decided to not set my alarm and let myself sleep in until any hour I felt necessary.

I am now well rested and eager to go back to using the electricity we need to function in our modern state of existence.   


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