Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Michael Shenouda


This week I talked to Michael Shenouda. He is a 4th year student who is graduating this semester. He’s a psychology major, but does not want to have a career that has anything to do with psychology. He instead will go on and become a veterinarian, like his father.

He figured it out a while ago that he doesn’t needs to be a biology major to become a vet. He felt if he would have been a bio major he would have just been taking pointless classes that he may fail. Instead he decided to pursue a degree in something that actually interested him.

He told me something that I did not know, something I found rather interesting. Much like humans, we can donate our pets body to science. This is such an interesting concept to me, something I haven’t quite thought of.

Well I wish Michael the best and I hope his future is fruitful. It is always fun to pursue something you love.



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