Wk15 – Classmater Convo – Norma Garcia


For this weeks classmate conversation, it just so happened that I was seated next to someone I had yet to talk to.

Her name is Norma, she’s from Riverside County, Her major is Journalism, and she’s a senior here at CSULB.

In our conversation there was one thing she said that really struck a chord. When discussing our living arrangements, Norma stated that she had been dorming for all four of her years here. I find that incredible. I could barely stand this one year dorming, I wouldn’t wish four years of having to dorm on even my worst enemy. It would be torturous, for me at least, to be confined to a shared dorm for four long years.

But that’s just me blowing it out of proportion. It’s all about personalities and background. I have the mental of an only child, whereas Norma comes from a bigger family. She is used to the limited privacy and space allotted to you when you decide to dorm.

I also feel that the female perspective on dorming may be better than the my male perspective. Norma has been rooming with someone she can call her best friend, and has been doing so for the last two years. I am not at all friends with my roommate, we get along, but that’s only for the sake of sharing such a cramped space. I also do not feel that I would enjoy my dorm experience even if I were to be rooming with someone I could actively be friends with.

There is also the fact that I have been stuck with a suite full of frat guys, that adds to my distaste for my current situation. The pure obnoxiousness, childishness, and selfishness of the people who I share a wall with is astounding. It is these factors that lead to my hatred of the fact that I’m stuck in a dorm.

I am glad that Norma is content with something that I am constantly struggling to endure. Sorry for the semi rant, but I just had to get some ideas out there.



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