Wk15 – Art Experience – Design Thinking applied to Life

3 Possible Future Me’s

Number One: The Film Student

David Lynch, My hero

     On the path that I am currently heading, I will hopefully be prepared to get a job somewhere in the film industry directly after graduation. What is most interesting is that I have no idea what this entry level position may be. There are many graduates that had dreams of being a director/screenwriter (dreams similar to mine) that are now working as PAs or Assistants. But these entry level jobs are the ones that are important. I see myself interning either sophomore or junior year for a production company, and hopefully gaining a paid position at said company. It does not quite matter what I will be doing, because I have a deep love for all aspects of the film process. I will most likely start as an editor, or working in post production, and as long as I network and start gaining connections, I will hopefully be able to branch off and produce my own films. I will also be actively writing at this point in time too, so I can still actively work towards the career I want, while still climbing the Hollywood success ladder.

Year 1

Start Internship (hopefully paid)

Year 2

End internship, try to gain full employment

Year 3

Stay on be successful, start making connections, Keep Writing

Year 4

Try your hand at directing, Produce my own Movie

Year 5

Become incredibly famous and revered

Number Two: The High School Teacher

DEAD POETS SOCIETY, Robin Williams, 1989
Oh Captain my Captain!

     If everything fails I would still very much like to be a high school English teacher. It was my high school English teachers that introduced me to some of the finest works of philosophy, literature, and film. I had such incredible teachers and what they taught me changed my life. I want to be one of these cool teachers that I always had. I want to introduce a whole new generation to Camus and Bergman. I want to help people learn and feel as passionate as I do about the english language. This is also another career that gives me the ability to still write. I’d still keep writing screenplays, but I would not be as actively pursuing a career in film as I would be if everything went right.

Year 1
Finish college
Year 2
Earn Teaching Credentials
Year 3
Student Teacher/Get job
Year 4
Keep teaching
Year 5
Stay content

Number Three: Foreign Philosopher King

I adore Leonard Cohen and his life in Hydra

     In an ideal world I could live a life in some beautiful foreign town. Perhaps in Italy, perhaps in France. I could live a life of pure joy hearing the sound of the waves crash over the sound of typewriter keys. I’d walk to the market every day to buy my wine and bread, giving myself enough time to take a break before I finish crafting the greatest philosophical novels and screenplays. I will make a living off my art. My studio will be open to all. I’ll take photographs and live a comfortable life with a beautiful woman. I will be respected. I will be an artist on my own terms. I won’t be boring. It’s not much of a career but it’s what I want to do.

Year 1
Finish college
Year 2
Gain international fame
Year 3
Move to Italy
Year 4
Publish novels, make art
Year 5
Keep living life to the fullest


Of course I would be the most content with the last option but it is a bit idealistic. The truth is I would be content with any of these options. I do feel that the path I am on currently, though somewhat ideal, still remains rather practical.


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