Wk15 – Art Experience – Design Thinking applied to Life

3 Possible Future Me’s

Number One: The Film Student

David Lynch, My hero

     On the path that I am currently heading, I will hopefully be prepared to get a job somewhere in the film industry directly after graduation. What is most interesting is that I have no idea what this entry level position may be. There are many graduates that had dreams of being a director/screenwriter (dreams similar to mine) that are now working as PAs or Assistants. But these entry level jobs are the ones that are important. I see myself interning either sophomore or junior year for a production company, and hopefully gaining a paid position at said company. It does not quite matter what I will be doing, because I have a deep love for all aspects of the film process. I will most likely start as an editor, or working in post production, and as long as I network and start gaining connections, I will hopefully be able to branch off and produce my own films. I will also be actively writing at this point in time too, so I can still actively work towards the career I want, while still climbing the Hollywood success ladder.

Year 1

Start Internship (hopefully paid)

Year 2

End internship, try to gain full employment

Year 3

Stay on be successful, start making connections, Keep Writing

Year 4

Try your hand at directing, Produce my own Movie

Year 5

Become incredibly famous and revered

Number Two: The High School Teacher

DEAD POETS SOCIETY, Robin Williams, 1989
Oh Captain my Captain!

     If everything fails I would still very much like to be a high school English teacher. It was my high school English teachers that introduced me to some of the finest works of philosophy, literature, and film. I had such incredible teachers and what they taught me changed my life. I want to be one of these cool teachers that I always had. I want to introduce a whole new generation to Camus and Bergman. I want to help people learn and feel as passionate as I do about the english language. This is also another career that gives me the ability to still write. I’d still keep writing screenplays, but I would not be as actively pursuing a career in film as I would be if everything went right.

Year 1
Finish college
Year 2
Earn Teaching Credentials
Year 3
Student Teacher/Get job
Year 4
Keep teaching
Year 5
Stay content

Number Three: Foreign Philosopher King

I adore Leonard Cohen and his life in Hydra

     In an ideal world I could live a life in some beautiful foreign town. Perhaps in Italy, perhaps in France. I could live a life of pure joy hearing the sound of the waves crash over the sound of typewriter keys. I’d walk to the market every day to buy my wine and bread, giving myself enough time to take a break before I finish crafting the greatest philosophical novels and screenplays. I will make a living off my art. My studio will be open to all. I’ll take photographs and live a comfortable life with a beautiful woman. I will be respected. I will be an artist on my own terms. I won’t be boring. It’s not much of a career but it’s what I want to do.

Year 1
Finish college
Year 2
Gain international fame
Year 3
Move to Italy
Year 4
Publish novels, make art
Year 5
Keep living life to the fullest


Of course I would be the most content with the last option but it is a bit idealistic. The truth is I would be content with any of these options. I do feel that the path I am on currently, though somewhat ideal, still remains rather practical.

Wk15 – Classmater Convo – Norma Garcia


For this weeks classmate conversation, it just so happened that I was seated next to someone I had yet to talk to.

Her name is Norma, she’s from Riverside County, Her major is Journalism, and she’s a senior here at CSULB.

In our conversation there was one thing she said that really struck a chord. When discussing our living arrangements, Norma stated that she had been dorming for all four of her years here. I find that incredible. I could barely stand this one year dorming, I wouldn’t wish four years of having to dorm on even my worst enemy. It would be torturous, for me at least, to be confined to a shared dorm for four long years.

But that’s just me blowing it out of proportion. It’s all about personalities and background. I have the mental of an only child, whereas Norma comes from a bigger family. She is used to the limited privacy and space allotted to you when you decide to dorm.

I also feel that the female perspective on dorming may be better than the my male perspective. Norma has been rooming with someone she can call her best friend, and has been doing so for the last two years. I am not at all friends with my roommate, we get along, but that’s only for the sake of sharing such a cramped space. I also do not feel that I would enjoy my dorm experience even if I were to be rooming with someone I could actively be friends with.

There is also the fact that I have been stuck with a suite full of frat guys, that adds to my distaste for my current situation. The pure obnoxiousness, childishness, and selfishness of the people who I share a wall with is astounding. It is these factors that lead to my hatred of the fact that I’m stuck in a dorm.

I am glad that Norma is content with something that I am constantly struggling to endure. Sorry for the semi rant, but I just had to get some ideas out there.


Wk14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

I always find the Japanese Gardens to be so beautiful. It is a nice area to spend an extended amount of time just daydreaming.

A rest from the lecture halls and fluorescent lights. An oasis in a world of concrete and asphalt.

Sketching is the garden was so fun and relaxing. No erasing, no need for perfection.

Here are my ten 30 second sketches. It’s strange how fast 30 seconds go by. I barely got the outlines of some. But I was content with some of these rather sketchy sketches.

Here are some of the more major sketches I did.

It was pretty fun and freeing sketching in the garden. I just bought a new sketch book and I think I may just go back!

Wk14 – Classmate Conversation – Miguel Cabada


I saw Miguel tucked away in a corner of the Japanese Gardens. I recognized him from the class and realized that I really hadn’t talked with him before. It has become increasingly harder to find people I don’t know to talk to, but I did.

Miguel is a fellow freshman and is a Computer Technology major. His dreams are to either work for an already established computer company or start a business of his own.

He plays soccer for fun. He used to be in a league, but had to stop because of school.

He comes from Compton and has only recently moved to Long Beach.

Wk13 – Artist Convo – Rhiannon Aarons

Artist: Rhiannon Aarons

Exhibition: Rabbit Hole

Media: Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West

About the Artist

Since the age of 14 Rhiannon has displayed the tendency to want to dominate. But in this prepubescent state, it was not at all sexual, but rather behavioral. This tends to be the age, Rhiannon explains, in which most women living as dominatrix’s now start to see the switch to this alternative lifestyle. Rhiannon has been living as a closeted dominatrix up until more recently. She says that it is rather freeing making it known that she is in fact a dominatrix because now she can stop hiding and start incorporating this lifestyle into her art. And this is exactly what she did with this exhibit.

Formal Analysis

Rhiannon’s recreation of John Tenniel’s original Alice drawings is impeccable. The story told with each piece is also rather unique. I kind of wish I would have been able to see the performance that went along with this exhibit, because the remnants left were intriguing. Each prop seemed to tie in to the central theme of Alice, and it would have been interesting to see how the performance played out (especially after hearing what the performance was). An agreement from said performance was written on the back of one of the prints, which intrigued me, so I asked Rhiannon to provide some clarity. This was a way of monetizing and preserving a performance, because you can’t sell a performance. This idea is interesting and so true. When one goes to a concert you cannot buy and relive that experience, but you can buy t shirts and whatnot to commemorate such an event. So this idea seemed so fresh to me, but it was mainly the ideas of preserving a moment that intrigued me.

Content Analysis

Rhiannon choses the character of Alice from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland as a sort of avatar for her own identity. But Alice is not used in the same sense in which she is often used, in regard to drugs, hippies, and LSD. Alice is used here for more personal reasons. Rhiannon has always looked to Alice as this renegade figure, with her story having many ties to feminism and the female struggle. She talked of a rather interesting reading of Alice actually being a phallic symbol due to that fact that her body is ever growing and shrinking. Alice exists in this middle ground of innocence and naïveté, and has become an avatar for Rhiannon. She can tell her own story through the guise of Lewis Carroll’s creation.

What interested me the most is that her exhibit exists in the middle ground between art and BDSM, but yet on its own this exhibit is not at all to explicit (excluding the performance that went along with it).  It is rather remarkable that Rhiannon can talk of such a practice as BDSM through the naivety of Alice. This exhibit was one of my favorites of the year and I’m glad I signed the waiver and showed my ID to get in.   

Synthesis/My Experience

I always had a strange attraction to the story of Alice in Wonderland, and this was why I was rather interested in this exhibit. I have to think upon why I like the story so, because it is not due to its implications with drug/hippie culture or to the meaning Rhiannon has placed upon it. I think I may just enjoy the stories absurdity, or maybe the pure fantastical elements and how this story could easily happen to anyone, you just have to find the right rabbit hole.

When talking to Rhiannon I also tried (haphazardly) to introduce the ideas of the feminist essay “The Hooker” by Ellen Strong. In this essay, Strong talks of female liberation during the time she was a prostitute. She feels that is more liberating to in fact be a prostitute. I tried to equate this idea of sexual liberation to the ideas of Rhiannon and BDSM. I think the idea is interesting, but I guess what is more fitting is the idea of owning what you are, and this is an idea that is universal.   

Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Michael Shenouda


This week I talked to Michael Shenouda. He is a 4th year student who is graduating this semester. He’s a psychology major, but does not want to have a career that has anything to do with psychology. He instead will go on and become a veterinarian, like his father.

He figured it out a while ago that he doesn’t needs to be a biology major to become a vet. He felt if he would have been a bio major he would have just been taking pointless classes that he may fail. Instead he decided to pursue a degree in something that actually interested him.

He told me something that I did not know, something I found rather interesting. Much like humans, we can donate our pets body to science. This is such an interesting concept to me, something I haven’t quite thought of.

Well I wish Michael the best and I hope his future is fruitful. It is always fun to pursue something you love.


Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

Exhibition Information

Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Mans Land

Media: Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery

About the Artist

Alice has only been creating art for 6 years, of those 6 only the past 3 were spent at this school. She has always wanted to be a painter, but has only recently pursued her artistic interests. Teaching is her profession. She needs an activity in her life, and for her, painting is this activity. According to her website, she works in mostly oils and is both interested in portraits and landscapes.

Formal Analysis

Her landscape are both visually stunning and impressive. They are all geometrically interesting, and layered in such a thought provoking way. The colors are vivid and psychedelic at times. These paintings make me want to linger and inspect every last detail. We can see the idea of how she could have painted these in a more conventional way shine though the delightfully unconventional way she decided to depict these landscapes.

Content Analysis

What Alice is doing with these landscapes is attacking our predetermined idea of landscapes. We think of landscapes as rather natural and clean, but these landscapes are so purposely opposite. There is a natural order we like to give to landscapes, and Alice is breaking this natural order. She starts with a static golf course and finds the machine underneath. She is influenced and interested in our changing perception of time and space, and thinking about how frightfully unaware of the natural constructs of life. Everything we do has an effect, and that is what she has shown with these paintings.

Synthesis/My Experience

For me it is great seeing someone pursue their passion. Alice is doing something she loves and I am glad she is doing it, because the paintings she’s creating are stunning. I was in awe looking through her gallery. I enjoyed how different her landscapes are. She has created a unique take on a tried and true method of painting. I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.