Wk5 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing


Cameron holding it upside down

I decided to do this art experience in a more communal setting.

I am writer for CSULB’s own Late Night Long Beach, and I frequent their Thursday writer’s meetings.

I have become good friends with all of my fellow writers and felt that this would be the best way to have fun while doing this assignment. And we really did have some fun.

We split into groups of two and I distributed the sketching crayons I had bought. The paper was not on our lap, but on a table, but I still feel we got the “automated” part down.

We late fate decide the majority of it, but soon some of my friends started sketching, which I think overall added to the look of the finished product.

Someone wrote “ART” in big block letters (I do not remember who).

After it was all done, I gifted our creation to Cameron, who is seen holding it upside down.

It was a fun and intersting experience, and I am grateful for the writers who stayed after to help me create some art.



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